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9 Best Finance Blogs for Millennials

These are the 9 best finance blogs for millennials today

Millennials are often derided across the internet as being lazy, entitled, spend-happy, and many other unfounded things. We’ve mentioned before how amazingly important millennials are to the new business world, but many still underestimate this generation.

Surprisingly, millennials are actually the most money-conscious generation currently alive. They have great concerns about many things, and one of those is the area of finance. Remember, millennials are also the generation that graduated during the Great Recession, so they have picked up many money-conscious habits.

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Even then, they still need a bit of help every now and then. We’ve had some great finance expert tips for millennial entrepreneurs, and today we’d like to look at the best finance blogs for millennials.

These finance blogs for millennials are concerned not just with business, but also with personal, academic, and all other money-related areas for millennial consumers.


Started in 2008 by Martin Dasko, this finance blog is perfect for millennials—seeing as Martin is a millennial as well. Beyond that, his focus is based on the difficult fact for most millennials in the US: student debt.

In that way, the blog is all about financial freedom, but not through frugality and cutting yourself off from enjoyment. Instead, it’s about making wiser decisions so that you can have money to spend on things that matter to you.


Erin Lowry’s blog is all about increasing her readers’ financial literacy. She does this through her own life lessons, and her money lessons are real-world and practicable.

She also has a great sense of humor and illuminates her points with funny finance stories. It isn’t a preachy, extreme website. Instead, it is based on teaching and guiding millennials to have greater financial freedom.


One of the biggest trends for finance blogs—millennial finance blogs more specifically—is frugal living. Frugal living is the idea of cutting back on as much as possible to save tons of money and pay off your debts as quickly as possible.

Frugalwoods partakes in extreme frugality in order to be able to achieve early retirement. The couple now lives on a 66-acre homestead with their daughter and dog.

They give relevant lessons on how they’ve cut back and even a monthly expense report. Great inspiration for those millennials willing to follow the frugal lifestyle.

Frugal Entrepreneur

For the more entrepreneurial millennial readers, this blog is a great source for starting your home-based or small business frugally. The man in charge is Adam Gottlieb who learned from his father how to be smart with your money.

It also came about due to the limited means of finding free business resources online. This blog helps give business-minded millennials everything they need to get their business ideas off the ground without spending too much.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Ramit Sethi’s blog is a great resource not just for millennials (who are most of his audience) but for anyone hoping to become rich.

As with many other blogs here, he doesn’t believe in extreme frugality, but instead focuses on fixing your energy on a few “Big Wins” that will help you earn money. In that way, you’ll end up cutting back on other expenses naturally.

Afford Anything

Paula Pant’s blog is aimed at helping millennials and other reasons save money in order to achieve something. That could be starting a business, traveling the world, making a big purchase, or whatever else they have their mind set on.

She doesn’t believe in frugality, however. Paula believes in leveraging the money that you have rather than cutting extreme corners. She believes that although most people can’t afford everything, everyone can afford something.

The College Investor

This blog is a particularly valuable resource for millennial adults in general and professionals. The blog’s runner, Robert Farrington believes that you should create multiple income streams.

Optimally, you should be doing this while you’re in your 20s and 30s and working on accumulating wealth.

This blog is also quite investment-focused, so he assists millennials by giving great guides and investment trainings. One other area, of course, is in how to best repay student loans and become debt-free.

Budgets Are Sexy

Budget Are Sexy’s blogger J. Money is the voice of one of the most popular finance blogs for millennials. He is able to get his message across to people of all ages, with great humor and stinging honesty.

He is particularly financially capable and loves to share his interests, experiences, thoughts and perspectives. All of those are related to money, and when you mix that with his humor, it’s no wonder everyone loves it.

Money Peach

Chris Peach’s blog is based on helping millennials stop living paycheck-to-paycheck, something that afflicts more than half of all Americans. The numbers are even worse for millennials, who were unfortunate enough to graduate during the Great Recession.

Chris himself was able to pay off his $52,000 in student debt in just 7 months. His blog focuses on budgeting, paying off debt, saving and making money, and much more. This is great for entrepreneurial millennials as well as millennials just hoping to gain financial freedom and success.

The best finance blogs for millennials

These are some of the most amazing finance blogs for millennials on the internet.

Although there are virtually hundreds upon hundreds of finance blogs for millennials, these are great places to start with. They help you in whatever way, through extreme frugality or focusing on a few big items, to achieve your goals.

Do you know of any other fantastic financial blogs for millennials? Drop us a line in the comments below!

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