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6 Points to Consider When Establishing Your Small Business Social Media Presence

Small Business Social Media Presence

Small Business Social Media Presence

There are endless tips and tricks to consider when working on your personal or company social media presence. We’ve put together some very basic but important points to consider when starting to establish your social media presences for your company.

If you can’t afford to spend too much time on your social media presences for your small business, then please at least follow these six points and you should be good for now.

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1. Work on the Basics

Create visually appealing profile pages. This includes choosing high-resolution profile and header/cover pictures as well as syncronising the profile background colours with the company branding.

Getting the basics right also includes using the correct keywords which might interest your customers and a profile text which grabs their attention within the first few seconds of visiting your social media profile. That’s all you got. A few seconds.

2. Learn from your competition

Identify your competitors’ social media profiles as well as social media profiles of companies which target similar customer segments and learn from them:

3. Post frequently and don’t own graveyards

Different businesses have different requirements for the amount of content they post.

Some social media managers recommend to post 5+ times a day on Twitter and at least once per day on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms you might use.

However, this really depends a lot on your business and your customers. You will need to find out the perfect amount of posts over time.

The most important point is, however, that you at least post frequently enough so people don’t think your company closed down due to an outdated social media profile.

4. Post pictures

People are bombarded by content these days. Nobody wants too read every post they see while scrolling quickly through their Twitter or Facebook stream on their phone.

A picture can be an attention-grabber which will help the viewer to stop scrolling and invest an extra second or two in reading, liking or commenting on your post.

5. Keep it real

People want to deal with people and not machines. Keep your tone simple and conversational. Don’t use corporate jargon and styles when writing to your customers. After all, they’re humans too.

6. Be patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day and a great social media profile needs to be built up slowly and steadily too.

Social media profiles are the business cards of the 21st century and therefore not only a sales tool but also a branding one. Remember that you can’t build brand awareness and brand loyalty overnight.

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