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5 Steps To Become a Better Building Contracts Negotiator

building_contractors_planningAs a building contractor you’ll need to negotiate with both: clients and suppliers. Even with your employees if you decide to expand your business. So knowing some negotiation tricks and tactics are essential for getting the best deal.

We’ve sat down and listed our top 5 points which will increase your negotiation power.

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Know exact costs

By being 100% sure about the situation you’ll be confident and you’ll have a much better idea how far the negotiation can go up to.

Know the lingo

Sounds crazy but it can help you win crucial deals. When you know the jargon you’ll look professional. People tend to pay more for professionally-sounding or -talking building contractors.

Find mutual gain points

One of the most important aspects of a successful negotiation is to discover the areas where both sides can agree on.

Never speak first

You should first listen to the other person’s ideas and visions. Then you can analyse and evaluate what’s been said and get the best deal.

Gain trust

The higher the trust the more likely you’ll make a good deal and satisfy both parties. Also,  there is no need for tactics once the trust between parties exists.

For some people negotiating is easy, for others it’s an impossible task. The good thing is negotiation is a skill that can be learnt. The tactics offered in this article are a good place to start.

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