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4 Things you didn’t know about invoicing your computer repair customers

Written by on October 16, 2014

starting a computer repair business can be rewardingEvery business person wants to get paid for their accomplished tasks. I assume you too. If you have a professional computer repair business i.e. not just repairing your mum’s computer when she needs then you expect to receive payment from your customers. To receive payments you’ll need to send invoices. So let’s look at some pointers how to avoid invoicing mistakes.

1. Get a professional invoicing/billing software. As a professional computer repair business you should have a solid invoicing system in place. Naturally I am suggesting you to use Invoiceberry because I strongly believe it’s the greatest invoicing software for computer repair businesses out there.

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2. Itemize the invoice. Most of your computer repair customers don’t understand too much about computers. Therefore, jobs done to repair the computer should be extremely detailed and specified on the invoice. Provide as much details of the service provided on the invoice as possible in order to get less calls from unsure customer who just received your invoice.

3. Be nice to (loyal) customers. If you have loyal customers it means that you’re doing something right. Congratulations! Your loyal customers play an important role in word-of-mouth marketing for your business. Obviously they feel more appreciated if you give them some kind of freebies from time to time. This can be a free hour of service, a company t-shirt or some kind of free software or even a monthly newsletter to learn more about using computers. Keep doing this on a constant basis. You should see results by increasing your loyal customer base. Custom notes to customers such as giving free stuff or thanking them for being loyal customers can be specified on each invoice written with Invoiceberry.

4. Specify payment terms. With Invoiceberry this is super easy to do. You just have to enter the amount of days your customers have to pay you and the payments terms will be automatically generated for you. Some customers will pay on time, others won’t. Send invoice reminders for unpaid invoices but don’t threaten customers too early. Keep it a friendly reminder. You don’t want to become well-known for being a ‘crying business’, do you? If the invoice really doesn’t get paid on time then use proven tactics such as contacting debt collectors or going to court.

I hope these few tips helped you to re-evaluate your invoicing strategy. Remember that a customer that can understand the invoice is more likely to use your service again. Do you know any other good invoicing tips for computer repair businesses? Feel free to share!

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